Fakeaway Box #1


Yes Please! - Gluten Free 'Takeaway' is here! Maybe it’s been 2,564 days since you have found a Chinese takeaway that you can safely enjoy 🤷🏻‍♂️ The search is complete; 

Available for one or two people and completely gluten free, we are committed to delicious, tasty, authentic Asian inspired meals for all the family. 

This meal box contains these 3 meals

Kat-Sue Curry  

“A Katsu chicken curry of dreams.” Thank you @coeliac_and_han 😍

That's enough said.

Lickin' Chicken Curry  

Try our deeelicious Lickin’ Chicken Curry! An absolute knock out for the Good team, this really is an Easy • Peasy meal that does not cut back on flavour. 100% chicken breast, veg and rice, all prepped and ready to go!

Sexy Beef Satay 

Sexy Beef Satay, the king of street food 👑🌶 Delicious Yorkshire fillet beef, marinated in Asian spices, peppers, onions and mangetout ... served with fluffy rice - It’s mouth watering, sweet, spicy and 100% irresistible...a perfect way to brighten up your dinner time.