The American Box


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U.S.A - Delicious, filling and will leave you wanting more!  

Available for one or two people and completely gluten free, we are committed to delicious, filling, USA inspired meals for all the family. New York, Las Vegas, forget it - we are just as 'Good'   

This meal box contains these 3 meals

Cheeseburger & Ripple Chips 

🍔 Made up of a Yorkshire sourced juicy quarter pounder patty, fresh iceberg lettuce and a soft burger bun .. melt your cheese 🧀 for the perfect combo.

Chicken Curry  

Try our deeelicious Lickin’ Chicken Curry! An absolute knock out for the Good team, this really is an Easy • Peasy meal that does not cut back on flavour. 100% chicken breast, veg and rice, all prepped and ready to go!   

Fish Goujon Wraps, Lemon mayo and Sweet Potato Fries 

Battered fish bites, lettuce, tomato and lemon mayonnaise ... all wrapped up and served with sweet potato fries - gluten free? YES PLEASE