Stocking Our Products?


with 80% of UK households now shopping in the 'FREE FROM' section and a consistent rise in food allergens, are you offering your customer base enough convenient food options for all the family to enjoy?

Not Stocking Our Meals ? .... 

You should be ... 71% of people surveyed want a wider FREE FROM food choice with a particular focus on Chinese, Pizza & Fish & Chips!

With 77% of FREE FROM customers living with at least one more person, we believe in inclusion and food for all!

Our retail range is available in single meal format, with Family Takeout Boxes all available! 

Need More Reasons To Stock Our Meals? 

Here at Good we believe in great food for all the family, we like to call it 'inclusive' - one of our core brand values ... Thousand's of families around the UK experience the same situation, one parent who is a coeliac, maybe dairy intolerant, a child with severe gluten intolerances or maybe a group of friends who find it impossible or at best substandard food options for their coeliac friends. 

So we created Good - takeout food options which are ALWAYS gluten, dairy & egg free ... but with one distinctive point - they have the same authentic taste

Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Fry'd Chicken, Chip Shop ... we have recreated all of these classics to ensure that you can experience that same taste, convenience and authenticity - you focus on your friends and family, we'll do the food. 

All of our meals are lovingly hand made, using authentic British ingredients and locally sourced.

 We are proud to purchase British and support our local communities

Our team have recreated classic dishes not available elsewhere; 

Chinese Egg FREE Noodles, Dark Soy Sauce, Bao Buns, Duck Pancakes .... Battered Sausage, Pizza's or our hugely popular Fry'd Chicken